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Heavy Equipment and Construction

Let Seema Shipping LLC secure all your Heavy Equipment and Construction logistic needs.

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Container Transportation

Seema Shipping LLC is here to service all your Export containers Documentation and Customs essentials.

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Heavy equipment

Heavy Haul

Cargo may be considered heavy haul or out of gauge, but Seema Shipping will never consider it too difficult to move. Our logistics engineers are knowledgeable in all aspects of heavy equipment hauling, and they will quote your cargo move utilizing an assorted range of equipment, including double drops, lowboys, RGN’s (removable goosenecks), extendable and other specialized trailers. We can even include arrangements for escorts as well as all the necessary permits required for overweight and oversized heavy equipment. And, of course, we use only fully licensed, insured and bonded logistics partners

Seema Shipping can oversee all heavy equipment moves in the U.S. and Canada, or we can combine inland heavy equipment hauling with our international ocean service. It’s as simple as coordinating with us to pick up your equipment at any inland location. From there we will move it to the origin port where it is either loaded directly on the vessel or disassembled to fit into an ocean container. We can even coordinate inspections, provide cleaning and offer repairs of equipment if required.

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